Frequently Asked Questions

Bishop Search Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the discernment process timeline?

  • July 2021. The Diocesan Profile, Bishop’s Profile, FAQ’s, and Diocesan prayer guide are published.
  • July – September 24, 2021. Nominations are submitted. See the FAQ’s for instructions on how to do this.
  • October 8-9, 2021. Search Committee retreat to make the first round of cuts. The first diocesan day of prayer.
  • October 11 – November 21, 2021. Zoom interviews followed by in-person visits.
  • December 3-4, 2021. Search Committee retreat #2 for final discernment of candidates. The second diocesan day of prayer.
  • January 28, 2022. Bishop candidates announced.
  • March 21-24, 2022. Walkabouts and Clergy Gathering. The final slate of candidates will be invited to various locations around the diocese for in person conversations with convention deputies.
  • April 30, 2022. Special Convention for election in person at St. Stephen's, Sewickley.
  • June 13, 2022. College of Bishop’s approval of our bishop-elect.
  • August 6, 2022. Consecration of the next Bishop of Pittsburgh.

When will the next bishop be elected?

Clergy and lay deputies from every congregation and fellowship in the diocese will gather to prayerfully discern and cast ballots to choose the next bishop. This Special Convention is scheduled to meet at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Sewickley, PA on April 30, 2022.

When will the next bishop be consecrated?

The next bishop will be consecrated and installed, God willing, on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Specific details and location are still to be determined.

Can anyone make a nomination? How can I suggest a name?

Yes, anyone can suggest a name. Please use the form on the diocesan website. For those unable to submit names electronically, a paper form will be available through your local congregation. Deadline for nominations is September 24, 2021 - NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED.

How will initial contact be made?

Those nominated will be put on a list and reviewed by the Search Committee for canonical regularity and eligibility. Those deemed eligible will then be contacted to see if they are willing to have their names considered as candidates. Those who agree will make up the initial roster of candidates and will receive follow-up requests for further information.

In this first round, how will we learn more about the nominees?

The Search Committee will contact the nominees and ask them to complete questionnaires, submit resumes, and write a spiritual autobiography. Some of the submitted names will not make it beyond this process. Those names that we keep through this early vetting will be taken into our first committee discernment retreat.

When will we discern who goes to the second round?

On October 8-9, the Search Committee will go away for the first of two overnight retreats of prayer, reflection, and discernment. During this first retreat, we hope to narrow the field to only the strongest nominees to take into the second round.

What is the second-round process?

From October 11-23, the search committee will have Zoom interviews with those nominees who were discerned during the first committee retreat. Here, the committee will make the second cut as we discern which nominees we would like to visit in-person. We plan to complete our in-person visits by November 21, 2021.

When will we determine the official slate?

The Bishop Search Committee will go away for its second overnight prayer retreat on December 3-4. At that time, the nominees the official slate will be determined. Those names will be taken from those nominees whom we visit in person.

What is the final vetting process?

New to the election process for the ACNA, and required by the College of Bishops in the Bishop’s Customary for Elections is a final, intensive 8-10 week background check looking at various psychological, emotional, and sexual issues for each candidate as well as a criminal background, employment history, education, and credit check. Reference checks with previous bishops he has served with will also be done. Once our nominees clear this background check, they become the final official slate of candidates for election. We will announce the slate once this process is complete. We will not disclose the names of nominees before this process is complete.

How will the diocese get to know the candidates?

Once the candidates are announced, we will host in-person visits around the diocese at various locations over a week in March 2022. These walkabouts will be held the evenings of March 21 (Church of the Ascension), March 22 (Trinity Washington), and March 23 (Christ Church Fox Chapel). Each of the walkabouts will be video recorded and will be available one week following on the diocesan website for the entire diocese to view. Depending on the status of Covid-19, registration for walkabouts may be required and Covid protocols will be observed. Please watch for further announcements.

On Thursday, March 24 there will be a clergy gathering at St. Alban’s, Murrysville, to meet together and hear further from the candidates. All clergy are warmly invited to attend. Further details of all gatherings will be announced on the diocesan website.

What will happen at the Special Convention on April 30, 2022?

Clergy and lay deputies that represented parishes at the regular Diocesan Convention will be those casting ballots on April 30, 2022. We will elect one name to submit to the College of Bishops as our Bishop-elect. The College of Bishops will review our submission at their meeting June 13, 2022. Pending approval, we will consecrate and install the next bishop of Pittsburgh August 6, 2022. Specific time and location are to be determined.

What about non-parochial and retired clergy?

Non-parochial and retired clergy are entitled to vote, as long as they are in good standing as determined by the bishop’s office, and are encouraged to be a part of the nominating process, suggesting names of those they view as qualified.

How will we get updates?

Check the diocesan website regularly. Updates will be sent to clergy and deputies by email. Resources for parishes will be updated as the process unfolds.

How can I get feedback to the Search Committee?

Please call or send an email. We welcome your communications. Specific questions can be submitted to the Bishop Search Committee at: