155th Convention Follow-up

155th Convention Follow-up

The 155th Convention of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh has adjourned. Below are some highlights and updates on the proceedings.

View Session on YouTube

Convention has adjourned, but you are still welcome to watch today's resumed session and the previous Nov. 7 session on our YouTube channel.

Election Results

The following people have been elected to Diocesan boards and committees. Their terms will begin January 2021.

Standing Committee:

  • The Rev. Herb Bailey, Clergy Member
  • Mr. Wicks Stephens, Lay Member

Board of Trustees:

  • Mr. Alan Komm, Lay Member

Committee on Constitution and Canons:

  • Mr. Charles Metcalf, Lay Member
  • The Rev. David Ketter, Clergy Member

Provincial Assembly:

  • Mrs. Shannon Sims, Lay Delegate
  • Dr. Leslie Thyberg, Lay Delegate
  • Mrs. Delia Bouwers Bianchin, Alternate Lay Delegate
  • The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, Clergy Delegate
  • The Rev. Dr. Andrea Millard, Alternate Clergy Delegate

The Array

  • Mrs. Marilyn Knotts, Lay Member
  • Mr. Walter Scott, Lay Member
  • The Rev. Andrew DeFusco, Clergy Member

Complete membership lists are found on the Leadership Bodies page.

Budget Results

Convention has approved the 2021 budget. Per our standard process, Diocesan Council will make revisions in their January 2021 meeting as updated Godly Share numbers come in from congregations. The current 2021 budget is posted on our website.

Interim Bishop Address

Interim Bishop Martyn Minns made a brief Advent address. His message is now available on our YouTube channel.