Long-Time Executive Assistant to the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Set to Retire

Long-Time Executive Assistant to the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Set to Retire



The strength of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh is in the people that call it home. It is found in the enthusiasm of our laity, the wisdom of our clergy, and the faithfulness of our staff and volunteers. 

Bonnie Catalano represented the best of these qualities for over nineteen years, serving in various administrative roles. In her most recent role as Executive Assistant to the Bishop, she managed the day-to-day administration of the Bishop’s Office, allowing three Bishops to lead more effectively in this Diocese.

Archbishop Emeritus Bob Duncan, the first Bishop for whom Catalano served, said he felt blessed to have her in his corner.

“During my twenty years as Bishop of Pittsburgh, I had two extraordinary Executive Assistants: Melanie Contz and Bonnie Catalano. Like Melanie before her, Bonnie graciously managed the extraordinary complexities of my life within and outside the Diocese with wisdom, competence, and kindness. May the next Bishop be as blessed as I was, and may Bonnie have many years of happy and healthy “retirement.”

Interim Bishop Martyn Minns echoed his sentiment, saying that Catalano was an unexpected surprise.

“Bonnie and I will be saying our goodbyes to the Diocese at the same time. She has become a wonderful friend and colleague who genuinely cares for the clergy of this diocese and is always able to track down the lost facts and files from your complex history. Bonnie will be sorely missed and greatly appreciated.”

Sarah Kwolek, Director of Administration, has been grateful for Bonnie’s dedication to the Diocese and her knowledge of institutional history.

“Bonnie has remained a stabilizing presence in the Bishop’s Office through many changes over the past decade. While Bonnie’s role was not a highly public one, clergy and laity throughout the Diocese will feel Bonnie’s absence in the weeks and months to come. Her efforts behind the scenes provided for seamless Bishop visits, clear processes for clergy, and a gracious listening ear whenever needed.”

Pittsburgh’s own Mister Rogers admonished us to, “... find the helpers.” The helpers are rarely found in the spotlight, but you can find them in your corner, making sure everything is handled effectively. It’s a great loss when a long-time helper, such as Bonnie, retires from her position.

Thank you, Bonnie, for all that you’ve done for this Diocese. We wish you all the best and send you out with God’s blessing.