Gathering 2019: Diocesan Conference & 154th Convention

Gathering 2019: Diocesan Conference & 154th Convention

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Nov. 1-2, 2019


St. Stephen's Sewickley


Theme: No Longer Strangers – Restoring and Empowering Relationships through the Holy Spirit

Theme Passage: Ephesians 2:19-22

At Gathering 2019, we want to explore and unpack the vision God has for us, both as individuals and as his church, and the Holy Spirit’s role in that vision. We want to create a space to explore questions about who the Holy Spirit is, how the Holy Spirit has been understood historically both within Anglicanism and the American Church, how the Holy Spirit works in and through his Church today, and what role the Holy Spirit plays in redeeming God’s creation.

Our programming and workshops will center around these three tracks:

  1. Experiencing God through the Holy Spirit: How does the Holy Spirit connect us in relationship to our Triune God? What is the Holy Spirit’s role in outreach/evangelism?
  2. How the Holy Spirit heals/restores: Does the Holy Spirit work through physical healing today? What role does the Holy Spirit play in reconciliation? The Holy Spirit’s role in recovery/healing from abuse, trauma, addiction.
  3. Anglican expressions of the Holy Spirit: What are the gifts of the Spirit and how do they manifest in the life of the church? Understanding the diversity of views on the Holy Spirit within the Anglican tradition. What does Spirit led leadership look like in the church?

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