Bishop Jim Asks Us to Consider Year-End Giving

Bishop Jim Asks Us to Consider Year-End Giving

Giving generously

My Friends and Fellow Anglicans,

For many of us December is filled with anticipation of a joyous Christmas and shopping for gifts. I want you to consider prayerfully two special gifts this year.

Most important of the two, please bless your congregation with an unexpected financial gift. Year-end giving for most congregations is crucial. So, first and foremost, please be generous in supporting the ministry and mission of yours.

Second, I also want you to consider giving towards two diocesan initiatives. These initiatives are designed to launch new seasons of ministry at the diocesan and congregational levels. 

  1. Curacy/Mission Fund - We are developing a curacy program that will provide our congregations and church plants the next generation of godly, well-equipped leaders. Newly-ordained clergy in the program will receive mentoring, experience and continued leadership development. The first year costs for the program will be $70,000. 
  2. New Diocesan Office Fund - We are also in the process of moving our offices into less expensive and more hospitable space. Our renovation costs will be about $50,000. Your gift towards this one-time expense frees up resources for other crucial ministry in the diocese.

Your gift toward either or both of these initiatives will go a long way towards helping me and other diocesan leaders better serve you and your congregation. Our website contains all the information for giving either online (options are available for one-time or monthly gifts) or via check

As of this blog posting, we have already received several generous donations to the Curacy and New Diocesan Office Funds. More is still needed tor reach our goals. 

Thank you for your partnership & generosity,

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Bishop Jim Hobby