155th Diocesan Convention 2020

155th Diocesan Convention 2020



Nov. 7, 2020



Zoom Platform for Deputies
Diocesan YouTube Channel for Public


Date & Time

Saturday, November 7, 2020 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.


Clergy & Deputies: Zoom Cloud Meeting Platform [Download]

Outside Observers: Diocesan YouTube Channel (YouTube feed may experience a delay from the live meeting)


Registration is required for all Clergy and Deputies and is now open. Each Convention participant is to register with a dedicated email address and access convention on a single, dedicated device. Multiple email addresses for multiple participants will not be permitted.

Register for Nov. 7 Convention

Pre-Convention Journal

The Pre-Convention Journal is available. Printed copies can be requested through the Diocesan Office. Note: the Voter's Guide will be available at a later date.

Download 2020 Pre-Convention Journal

Pre-Convention Hearings

The pre-convention hearings have concluded, but the recording of the Wednesday, Oct. 7 hearing is available. The hearing includes a 15-20 minute training session on using Zoom for convention. The recording can be viewed through the web browser or downloaded. If you have questions on the agenda items, please let us know through the website or by calling the Diocesan Office.

Using Zoom for Convention

We have compiled this comprehensive resource on using Zoom for convention. Please click through or download the presentation below.

Video Resource: What it means to be a Convention Deputy

The Co-Rectors of Trinity Anglican Church in Washington, PA, The Rev. Jamey & The Rev. Cn. Tracey Russell explain the aspects and expectations of a lay deputy to Diocesan Convention, in conversation with Director of Communications, Kristen Parise.