Gathering Workshops

Gathering Workshops

Session 1

Note: Clergy and lay deputies to convention will be in Convention business during this session

Workshop Title Presenter(s) Description
Equipped to Expect: Experience of the Holy Spirit in Reaching the Least, the Last and the Lost in the City and Suburbia Mr. Herb Bailey and The Rev. Greg Miller, Church Army USA Beginning with a creative exercise, imagining the Holy Spirit using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide, we will explore the work of the Holy Spirit from community, through community, and into community as He reaches the lost. We are encouraged to hope as we see the move of the Holy Spirit and grow in awareness of the Holy Spirit’s work. Practically, this work occurs in every community. We will look more closely at similarities and differences in urban and suburban environments and ways we can reach the lost through the power of the Holy Spirit in both places.
The Holy Spirit and End of Life Issues/Advanced Care Planning for the Elderly The Rev. Georgette Forney (Anglicans for Life), The Rev. Peggy Means (Reconciliation, Penn Hills), and The Rev. Claire Megles (Grace, Grove City) Drawing upon their experience in chaplaincy and life advocacy, these presenters offer both Scriptural and practical insight into the issues around aging and death. Looking to the Holy Spirit as the guide through this unique season of life, we find opportunities to seek reconciliation with God, with the Church and with one another as we focus on eternity with fresh eyes. This workshop will equip us to minister to members of our congregation during sickness and particularly at the end of life, with an emphasis of tackling honest conversations about faith, physical care and relationships.
Grace and Your Newsfeed The Rev. Michael McGhee, St. John’s, Franklin, TN Jesus is the answer, but what is the question? Part of engaging our neighbors in love is to hear what they are actually asking. The church is often guilty of answering questions people aren’t really asking. The Holy Spirit can work in us to discern these questions so that we may respond with the hope of the Gospel. This workshop helps us learn to do this through a thoughtful examination of the news of the day. We will learn to hear the question behind the question and how to respond with the grace and love of Jesus.
Listen. Love. Pray: An Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry Mrs. Ann Meady, Christian Healing Ministries Alumni Team Everybody needs healing at some point, which makes healing prayer one of the most common and necessary ministries of the church. Yet, sometimes there are fears or concerns that get in the way of reaching out. This workshop introduces a simple model anybody can use on how to pray for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

Session 2

Workshop Title Presenter(s) Description
Sinners Anonymous: The 12 Steps for Christian Devotion Bryan J., Epiphany Church, Ligonier In last May's Christianity Today magazine, Kent Dunnington, professor at Biola University, made this point: "AA has what the contemporary church... seems to lack: a clear theory of personal transformation codified in practices and traditions that are easily accessible to those who would like to be transformed." Individual Christians needing a framework for finding God at work in their lives, and churches looking to develop communities of confession, healing, and reconciliation, can find a deep well of resources in the 12 steps. This workshop will 1) Explore the history of the 12 steps and its connection to the Anglican tradition, 2) Understand how the 12 steps relate to the healing work of the Holy Spirit in scripture, and 3) Suggest ways that the steps might be incorporated into individual and parish devotions.
Hills, Towns, and Valleys: Strategic Regional Intercession The Rev. Canon Joanne Martin, Bishop’s Staff Did you know that in Scripture, places feature prominently in the salvation plan of God, and are prayed for directly? Most of us are familiar with praying for people, but why would the biblical believer pray for land and towns? What is the relationship between praying for the regions in which we live, and the revitalization we want to see in our congregations? These questions are the subject of this workshop. It will make a case for praying for our neighborhoods and regions, offer strategies for how, and provide an opportunity to practice.
Following the Holy Spirit, not Numbers The Rev. Michael Niebauer, Incarnation, State College The Holy Spirit empowers the church for mission and experiencing the Holy Spirit through praying for the lost is an incredible gift. This workshop will attempt to help pastors and church planters understand how to follow the Holy Spirit as they seek to reach out to the lost in their neighborhoods. There will be a special focus on the anxiety that comes from fixation on Sunday morning attendance and finding freedom from that anxiety by following the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Looking to the Work of the Holy Spirit in Racial Conciliation and Reconciliation Rev. Toni Turner, GRACISM Task Force & Covenant Church of Pittsburgh and Mrs. Dolores Oliver, Reconciliation, Penn Hills How can believers learn how to talk about race in a divided society? How may we face our fears and handle any offenses? How may we learn from one another's differences? Can we as Christians draw closer to the “one another” verses in Scripture with other Christians who look very different and may have radically different stories? This workshop will explore how the grace of the Spirit of God is ours, to become the fulfillment of God's dream for His family.
Gay People, the Holy Spirit, and the Church Mr. Pieter Valk, Church of the Redeemer, Nashville, TN Inviting all Christians to think in more theologically accurate and compassionate ways, with a vision for better ministry to gay people, we will consider how God has called straight and gay Christians to faithfully navigate the ways the Fall has affected each of our sexualities. When gay people hear a Christian mention homosexuality, the Holy Spirit, and healing, they brace for what comes next. Too often, they’ve been promised that if they prayed hard enough, the Holy Spirit would make them straight, yet when their same-sex attractions persisted, the Church weaponized the Bible against them. God wants to offer something better: a fruitful perseverance in the face of suffering. How has God invited gay people to steward their sexualities, and what is the Holy Spirit’s role in that stewardship? Perhaps even more importantly: How has God called the Church to love gay people? How will the Holy Spirit help the Church become a place where gay people can belong and thrive according to orthodox Christian sexual ethics?