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#MarriageMonday: A Reflection on the Marriage Blessing

As we have seen in recent blog posts, our marriage liturgy is bursting with meaning and significance for this important covenantal relationship.  Nestled between the powerful, insightful prayers and the pronouncement of peace, the blessing takes its rightful place in the marriage service.  The bride and groom kneel side by side before the altar and under the cross as the officiant prays a power

Another Conversation We Need to Have

Words fail me as I have tried to write a response to the shootings in Squirrel Hill on Saturday. I want to express deep sorrow for the pain that the families of those who were killed and the whole Jewish community are experiencing during these days of mourning. I want to explain that those of us who follow Jesus renounce the anti-Semitic hatred of the shooter.

Conversations We Need to Have

Call and Response Conference

I usually leave a satisfying conference with copious notes and a lengthy to do list. Rarely have I left a conference stunned, challenged, changed. The Call and Response Conference was that kind of conference. The conference planners (including Fr.

#MarriageMonday: Will all of YOU...

church wedding

In the opening words of the liturgy for Holy Matrimony, the couple presenting themselves to be married, are each asked to declare their commitment to love one another in these reciprocal words, “will you have this woman to be your wife; to live together out of reverence for Christ in the covenant of Holy Matrimony?