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Church Maintenance Guidelines

The maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, building, and grounds is an essential part of the life of the congregation. This very important responsibility traditionally falls on the Junior Warden. Depending on the size and complexity of the facilities this can be a formidable task. The development of a routine maintenance program can, however, make this task less difficult.

2023-05-05 Board of Trustees Church Maintenance Guidelines.pdf
Rector Search Process Overview

This document provides an overview of the process congregations are to take when searching for a new rector.

2023-04-04 Rector Search Process for Parishes.pdf
Clearance Instructions for Clergy in Active Ministry 2023-03-03 Instructions for Clergy in Active Ministry Oct2022.pdf
Materials for Remarriage

If you desire to be married in the Church, and if your priest concurs in discerning that God is calling you to this marriage, this booklet is designed to give you and your priest the understanding, tools, and God’s grace to succeed in this most common, most transforming vocation.

2023-03-03 Materials for Remarriage.pdf
Social Media Resources for Lent

We've put together six social media graphics for churches who could use some material to post during Lent. Feel free to download (at the bottom of this page) and share these images to encourage your congregations to pray throughout the week. Make sure to tag us @pittanglicans so we can see how you use these resources! 

Below are the full Collects for you to copy and paste into the caption text, and we recommend the hashtags:

#BCP2019 #CollectoftheDay #pittanglicans

2023-02-15 Ash Wednesday.png , 1st Sunday in Lent.png , 2nd Sunday in Lent.png , 3rd Sunday in Lent.png , 4th Sunday in Lent.png , 5th Sunday in Lent.png
Newsletter & Website Submission Guidelines

Congregations and partner organizations who wish to submit announcements and content to our weekly newsletter and/or website are asked to follow the guidelines and basic process in this document.

2023-02-10 Newsletter & website submission guidelines(1).pdf
Godly Share and Growth Fund Annual Covenant Form

Congregations are asked to complete the online form at the link below to submit their Godly Share and Growth Fund pledges annually in advance of Diocesan Convention. Exact deadlines are set year-to-year by the Director of Administration.

Instructions for Godly Share (from Canon XIV: Budget and Financial Administration) are included in the PDF attachment.

2022-11-22 Godly_Share_Growth_Fund_Canons.pdf
Holy Baptism Certificate

Priests are welcome to use this certificate (letter-size, 2 per page) to commemorate a baptism. Recommended to print on card stock.

2022-11-18 Holy Baptism certificate.pdf
Annual Report of Ministerial Function 2022-10-14 ANNUAL REPORT of MINISTERIAL FUNCTION.pdf
Congregation Audit Requirements - May 2022 Update

The Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh require that all congregations perform and annual financial audit in order to remain fully engaged in the life of the diocese. The diocese has provided updated guidelines and helpful tools for congregations of all sizes to meet this requirement in a timely fashion. Please see document for all details. 

2022-05-13 Congregation Audit Requirements Rev 5-22.pdf
Articles of Incorporation Instructions & Forms

Form to register as a non-profit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

2021-08-17 5306-7102- Art of Inc-Dom Nonprofit.pdf
Congregation Staff & Leadership Updates

Clergy and congregational leaders are welcome to fill out this form to update or submit directory information about the congregation, lay staff and vestry members. Only fill in the information that is new or updated. Clergy updates can be accomplished on a separate form.

2021-04-06 Please click on resource title for external link.
2020-21 Clergy Compensation Guide

The Clergy Compensation Guide, excerpted from the pre-convention journal, lays out guiding principles and numerical guidelines to help congregations budget clergy salaries appropriately.

The guide includes information on: Cash compensation, Required Benefits, Additional Benefits, Advocacy during negotiations, Clergy supply guidelines, Clergy housing allowance and a mileage report template.

If any vestry or congregation has questions about clergy compensation not covered in this document, you're welcome to contact the Diocesan office. 

2020-09-01 2020-21 clergy compensation guide.pdf
Anglican Global Mission Partners Mission Match

Anglican Global Mission Partners has created a searchable database of domestic and international mission opportunities covering a wide variety of options on their website. 

2018-12-03 Please click on resource title for external link.