Diocesan Intercessors

Friends in Intercession,

Thank you for your faithfulness!

  • We’ve been using our new prayer platform for five months now. Based on feedback, we’ve made some changes to make using this community easier. Most notably, requests are now listed by “newest” rather than by category, allowing fewer clicks to get to them.
  • Many of you have asked when prayer requests are added. After some trial and error, our pattern is evolving to posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Have a prayer request you want posted? Email pleasepray@pitanglican.org. Personal needs go to the local parish first. Diocesan intercession is for 1. Congregations and Clergy, 2. Bishop and Leadership Teams 3. Provincial Requests 4. Health Requests of Key Leaders, and Strategic Regional Intercession—for neighborhoods, regions and the salvation of the lost.
  • Questions? Reach out! Canon Joanne Martin, Canon for Prayer & Worship, martin@pitanglican.org or 412-281-6131 ext.150