Child Abuse Policies

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Child Abuse & Sexual Misconduct Policies

Policies regarding the prevention of sexual misconduct and child abuse by clergy, employees and volunteers in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and the investigation and prosecution of allegations and incidents.

Written 2015, updated 2020.

Child Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Policies.pdf
Clearance Instructions for Clergy in Active Ministry Clearance Instructions for Clergy in Active Ministry.pdf
Clearance Instructions for Lay Leaders & Volunteers

It is the responsibility of each church to designate a person to oversee and document clearances for their lay leaders and volunteers who work with children.

Clearance Instructions for Staff Lay Leaders and Volunteers.pdf
Misconduct Protocol (Interim)

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the process for handling complaints of misconduct by clergy of the Diocese. It may also serve a model of the principles that should be brought to bear in handling complaints regarding lay staff or volunteers at the parochial level. 

Pending review and approval by Diocesan Council.

ADP Interim Protocol for Handling Complaints of Misconduct By Clergy 2023.pdf