Ordination Materials

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Ordination Manual

A useful guide to all who are involved in discerning and responding to a call to ordained ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh (Updated: February, 2020).

2020 Ordination Manual .pdf 2020-02-28
Parish Discernment Committee Handbook

Handbook for Parish Discernment Committees detailing the process for recommending a member for ordination.

2020 Parish Discernment Committee Handbook.pdf 2020-02-28
Application for Holy Orders Application for Holy Orders_0.docx 2020-02-26
Application for Ordination to the Priesthood Application for Ordination to the Priesthood_0.docx 2020-02-26
Confirmation of Spiritual Direction

This form, required for both postulancy and candidacy interviews, is to be completed by the Spiritual Director. It is to certify the duration and frequency of the person’s consultations only: it is not a character reference.

Confirmation of Spiritual Direction Form.docx 2020-02-26
Essay of Personal Life, Call and Ministry

Submit an essay (10-12 pages) which covers three areas: 1. Your Life, Family and Faith Journey, 2. Your Personal and Spiritual Gifting and Call to Ordained Ministry, and 3. Your Understanding of the Church, the Bible and Ministry.

Essay of Personal Life, Call, and Ministry.docx 2020-02-26
Medical Examination Form for the Ordination Process

To be completed by the applicant and a licensed health care provider.

Medical Examination Form.docx 2020-02-26
Parish Discernment Committee Report

Report template for the Parish Discernment committee, to be filled in and sent to the Bishop's office.

Parish Discernment Committee Report.docx 2020-02-26
Rector's Careful Inquiry Form

The formal process of discerning a call to ordination begins with the Rector’s careful inquiry – a series of 2 or 3 (or more) conversations between a rector (or a priest appointed by the rector) and the person exploring ordination. Rectors, please consult the Bishop if you have questions about the Careful Inquiry or if you need help in determining how to proceed with a person.

Rector's Careful Inquiry Guidelines.docx 2022-01-14
Statement of Alignment

When a candidate signs this form, he or she is affirming agreement with the "Fundamental Declarations of the Province" (BCP 2019, p. 766ff).

Statement of Alignment with the Founding Documents.docx 2020-02-26
Vestry Recommendation for Ordination to the Diaconate

Form for vestries to complete to confirm a diaconal candidate is in good standing with the parish. 

Vestry Recommendation Ordination to the Diaconate.docx 2020-02-26
Vestry Recommendation form for Postulancy

Form for vestries to complete to confirm a postulancy candidate is in good standing with the parish, and that the candidate possesses qualifications as would be fitting for admission as a postulant for Holy Orders.

Vestry Recommendation Form for Postulancy_1.docx 2020-02-26
Waiver of Rights

Form for postulancy candidates to fill out to agree to the assessment that's part of the ordination process.

Waiver of Rights, Release of Claims and Indemnity, and Hold Harmless Agreement.docx 2020-02-26