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    On April 26, 2024, the Rev. Kurt Grossman and the Rev. Dn. Katie Grossman dimissoried into our diocese from the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and were ordained sub conditione in the diocesan office. They are now worshipping and serving at Jonah's Call in Pittsburgh. 
    Kurt and Katie are high school sweethearts from Oak Ridge, TN. After graduating college they served together in the Association of Vineyard churches.
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    District Caucus at Convention 2023

    All members of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh may submit names for consideration to our 2024 Nominating Committee. We are currently seeking nominees for the Array, the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Constitution and Canons, Standing Committee, and deputies to Provincial Council, to serve beginning in 2025.

    The deadline to submit nominations is April 15, 2024. Complete the nomination form here.