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The Easter 2020 issue of Trinity Magazine is available as a digital issue.

Registration for Jul. 10-11 Spiritual Direction Continuing Ed Workshops with Monica Romig-Green is open.

Read the latest list of congregations offering digital services.

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Ecumenical Invitation to Intercede for Nation on July 4

The GRACISM Task Force and it's leader, Toni Turner, is inviting all Christians in Pittsburgh to gather in public, small, socially distanced groups at noon on July 4 to pray and worship in intercession for our nation's racial healing.

Essentials of Church Streaming [Infographic]

Many congregations are considering implementing their digital services as a permanent offering. This could be a helpful addition to your congregation's mission. It can be part of bringing new people in and/or providing a connection for home-bound members. However, there are lots of decisions to make and equipment to purchase.