Earthquake Relief for Turkey and Syria

Earthquake Relief for Turkey and Syria

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

As many of you will already know, earlier this week a severe earthquake struck southeast Turkey, killing thousands of people and devastating a large portion of Turkey and northern Syria. This earthquake was followed by a second earthquake nine hours later, and several aftershocks. 

It can be easy to feel helpless, or even numb, when we are faced with massive tragedy—especially when tragedies seem to strike one after another—but we do not face them alone. We have an almighty and loving God who hears our cries, who became human to experience our hurt alongside us, and who will one day make all things new. 

So, I ask you to join me in praying to Him, for everyone suffering from this natural disaster. Our 2019 Book of Common Prayer gives us these words:

Almighty God, by your Word you laid the foundations of the earth, set the bounds of the sea, and still the wind and waves. Surround those in Turkey and Syria with your grace and peace, and preserve those through the aftermath of the earthquakes. By your Spirit, lift up those who have fallen, strengthen those who work to rescue or rebuild, and fill us with the hope of your new creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you feel led to contribute to the relief effort, I urge you to consider giving through the Anglican Relief and Development Fund. The ARDF is collecting funds specifically for this disaster through their Joseph Fund and is working to connect with partners on the ground who can get those funds where they are most urgently needed. To donate to the Joseph Fund, click here.

For those of you who lead churches, the ARDF has created a donation slide and QR code, which you can download here, to incorporate into your Sunday service.