Welcome the Rev. Kurt Grossman and the Rev. Dn. Katie Grossman

On April 26, 2024, the Rev. Kurt Grossman and the Rev. Dn. Katie Grossman dimissoried into our diocese from the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and were ordained sub conditione in the diocesan office. They are now worshipping and serving at Jonah's Call in Pittsburgh. 
Kurt and Katie are high school sweethearts from Oak Ridge, TN. After graduating college they served together in the Association of Vineyard churches. For many years they assisted in planting churches, leading worship, pastoring and training in several regions of the United States.  
They spent a season caring for their elderly parents, who have since passed, and raising two wonderful boys, Timothy and Peter. This is when they began their “trek to Canterbury,” bringing them into the depth and breath of Anglicanism. They have a passion for expanding the kingdom through the local church.
Currently, Kurt is employed as a hospice chaplain and Katie works as a school nurse. They enjoy walking and spending time with their boys when they can. They are very excited for what the Lord has next for them in the ACNA!