Leadership Bodies

Leadership Bodies

Board of Trustees

Name (yr. term ends - # of terms) Home Church Elected by:
Guiliani, Timothy (2021-1) Mosaic Anglican Church, North Fayett District 1
Kearns, John (2020-1) Christ Our Hope, Natrona Heights District 3
Herrington, Derek (2019-1) Christ's Church, Greensburg District 4
Foster, James (2021-2) Church of the Ascension, Oakland District 6
Sherman, Winifred (2019-1) St. James, Penn Hills District 8
Shiner, Mike (President) (2020-2) Christ Church, Fox Chapel Convention
Edelstein, Diane (2019-1) Trinity Church, Beaver Convention
Hay, Tom (2019-1) St. Stephen's, Sewickley Convention
Storm, Nick (2019-1) Mosaic Church, North Fayette Bishop

Diocesan Council

District 1
Mr. Kirk Troxler (2019-1) Trinity Church, Beaver
The Rev. Glenn Crytzer (2020-2) Trinity Church, Beaver
Ms. Anna Brychik (2021-1) Church of the Savior, Ambridge
District 2
Mr. Richard Martin (2019-2) St. Thomas, Gibsonia
Mr. John Bryant (2020-1) St. Andrews College Hill, Beaver Falls
The Rev. Paul Cooper (2021-1) All Saints, Cranberry Twp.
District 3
Mrs. Julie Polczynski (2019-1) Christ our Hope, Natrona Heights
Mrs. Connie Guggenheimer (2020-2) Christ Church Fox Chapel
The Rev. John Bailey (2021-2) Christ Our Hope, Natrona Heights
District 4
The Rev. Bryan Jarrell (2019-1) Epiphany, Ligonier
Mr. Dennis Sweeney (2020-2) Epiphany, Ligonier
Mr. Tim Moore (2021-2) Christ's Church, Greensurg
District 6
Mr. James Carney (2019-2) St. Elizabeth's Anglican Mission, Bridgeville
Mr. Alan Komm (2020-1) Church of the Ascension, Oakland
Mr. Brandon Daily (2021-1) Church of the Ascension, Oakland
District 7
No Representatives
District 8
Mr. Dan Oliver (2019-1) Reconciliation Anglican Church, Rosedale
The Rev. Kua Apple (2020-2) St. Martin's, Monroeville
Mr. Gary Bookhammer (2021-1) Reconciliation Anglican Church, Rosedale
District 9
Mr. John Simmons (2019-1) All Saints, Springfield, MO
The Rev. Canon Eric Zolner (2020-1) All Saints, Springfield, MO
Mrs. Liz Smith (2021-2) St. John's, Franklin, TN
District 10
Deacon Terry Smolick (2019-1) St. Mary's, Charleroi
Mr. Joe Doerr (2020-1) True Vine, Monongahela
The Rev. Eric Rodes (2021-1) Redeemer Parish, Canonsburg
Ex-Officio Council Members
The Right Rev. James Hobby Jr. Bishop of Pittsburgh
Mr. Andy Fletcher Chancellor of the Diocese
The Rev. Dr. John Paul Chaney Standing Committee, President
Mr. Michael Shiner Board of Trustees, President
Mrs. Shannon Sims Secretary of Convention
The Rev. Donald Bushyager Director of Administration & Finance, The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh
Growth Fund Representatives
Tim Moore (2019-1)

Standing Committee

Name Yr. Term Ends
The Rev. Dr. John Paul Cheney, Seeds of Hope, Bloomfield (President) 2019
Mrs. Carly Taylor (Secretary) 2019
The Rev. Jeff Wylie, Christ's Church, Greensburg 2020
Mr. Tom Sands 2020
Mr. Kevin Chung 2021
The Rev. Dr. David Grissom, St. Alban's Anglican Church, Murrysville 2021
The Rev. Elaine Storm, Mosaic Anglican Church, North Fayette 2022
Mr. Kirk Botula 2022
Mr. Andy Fletcher, Chancellor N/A
The Rt. Rev. James L. Hobby, Bishop N/A