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Parish Resources for COVID-19/Coronavirus Response

Many of our congregations and parishes are considering their responses to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. The Diocese is curating resources that are specific to parishes, and both our Bishop and Archbishop have made pastoral statements. We'll be adding to this blog post as new resources come our way, stay tuned.

Top Parish Communication Resources

Communication Resources for Parishes

Throughout the year, we'll be sending you a variety of resources & tips curated by our Senior Staff members that are designed to help our congregations grow in each of their respective areas.

Amen to Action on Black Friday

Amen to Action 2019

Twenty parishioners from Prince of Peace Anglican Church in Hopewell Township including pastors the Rev John Heidengren and the Rev Philip Bottomley joined Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger and more than 4,000 other volunteers who spent the morning of Black Friday, (the day after Thanksgiving), packing meals in Downtown Pittsburgh instead of shopping among a crowd of strangers.

Trinity School for Ministry, Diocesan Partner, Increases Campus with Building Acquisition

Trinity School for Ministry

In the small town of Ambridge, PA, a renewal is taking place.  Storefronts are being updated, old buildings are being refurbished to house new tenants, and new sidewalks have been poured.  Trinity School for Ministry has a desire to support this renewal in a way that is helpful to the town and also helps to build community.  To that end, Trinity School for Ministry is thrilled to announce that