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Healing Trauma in the Workplace

This article is part of the Easter 2020 Trinity Magazine issue. You can view the entire issue here.

ARDF is a mission partner of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

By Christine Jones, Director of Mobilization, Anglican Relief and Development Fund

Call to Fast to End the Pandemic

call to fastThe College of Bishops and our own Bishop Hobby, have asked everyone to pray for an end to the pandemic during the Good Friday fast this week. Pray that the spread would stop in its tracks, and for an end to deaths.

Liturgy for a Meal of Longing and Remembrance

In the earliest days of the Church, the Lord's Supper was celebrated in homes in the context of a communal meal. Over time, the meal was set aside, and the sole focus of the gathering became Word and Sacrament. In many traditions, a vestige of the earliest pattern remains in what is often called an Agape Meal. The Agape Meal is commonly received after Eucharist.