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Ad Clerum on Domestic Violence from Bishop Martyn Minns

It is hard to think of anything that is more contrary to the message and ministry of Jesus Christ than domestic abuse. It is not limited to any particular socio-economic or educational level. As stress and the pressures of isolation grow, abuse is becoming increasingly prevalent. If we are to be faithful to the Gospel, we cannot ignore it.

Ad Clerum on Preaching from Bishop Martyn Minns

"Good preaching starts on our knees as we listen to the Spirit of God. This leads us, through our study, to a confident proclamation of the Word of God, with the sure expectation that God will speak through that proclamation to the hearts and minds of those present – beginning with the preacher! Preaching is a holy moment and deserves our very best effort and most fervent prayers."
Ad Clerum on Grandparents from Bishop Martyn Minns Website Admini… Friday, October 22, 2021 - 8:29am
The role of grandparent continues to play an important part of our family cultures and human development. An while we here in America might not revere our elders as much as other cultures around the globe, almost all of us have stories to tell about the impact that our grandparents had on our life.